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nycterapuella's Journal

Stephanie Brown
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Professor Brown is new to the school, relatively inexperienced at teaching, and never entirely sure if the more senior teachers are taking the mickey out of her just because she's young and American and only really at home in a fight.  She's only lived in this country since she finished at Salem Witches' College and joined the Aurors here, and that wasn't all that many years ago.  The Auror training is the best in the world

Teaching is sort of a change of career, you might say.

Sort of.

Legend also has it that the Defence Against the Dark Arts teaching position is cursed.  Steph's sure it's just a series of unfortunate coincidences that no teacher stays more than a year.  After all, it's not like all that many of them wound up dead.

At least, recently. 


Professor Brown is in her late twenties, and moves like an experienced warrior in spite of her sweetness-and-light appearance. She teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Mun is (SHOCK) weaverandom, available on AIM under the same name, sometimes, but easier to reach at gmail, again same name. Time zone is Melbourne, Australia. It's already tomorrow here. The future is pretty cool.